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If you have any query about bank or its functioning, please contact the respective Branch Manager or the Director visiting that Branch. You can also call CMs, CEO, Hon. Chief Advisor / Vice-Chairman and Chairman. Please do not seek help from out-siders or any agent or any tout.

If you wish to take acknowledgement of your cheque deposit slips, you can have the same. You can use direct drop in facility of the same without acknowledgement. At present we do not extend our facility of accepting cheque deposit of our other branch(s). However, on request, Branch Manager, of the Bank may help you in this respect. Please contact him if need be.

Please do not introduce any person or organization to become a member or account holder of the Bank to whom you do not know very well. In case you do so and any wrong act pertaining to the Bank is done by them, you can also be put to inconvenience.

Please do not stand surety or guarantee to any unknown member or organization. In case of default you will be equally liable for the re-payment of his/her dues.

Please do not hand over cash for deposit to any person other than the authorized person. Our authorized person is our cashier and handover the cash to him at the counter only against receipt of acknowledgement thereof then and there itself.

You are requested to have your bank pass book updated periodically at least once in a month and  reconcile your account with your books of accounts after scrutinizing each debit / credit entry listed therein. Any unauthorized debit / credit in your account should immediately be brought to the notice of Branch Manager with a copy to GM and MD. Bank will not take any responsibility of such debit / credit if it is not brought to the notice of above officials before 15th of next month.

If you have any change in your address, please inform immediately in writing to the concerned Branch Manager..

Please do not pay any sum on account of any charges/commission to any one other than official charges /commission against official receipt issued during office hours by the authorized officer (cashier).

If you are seeking help for search report of the property against which loan is being demanded, please contact our authorized advocates only. You are liable to pay Rs.500/- as advance before requesting the concerned advocate against the official charges fixed by the Bank. Official Charges for ‘Search Report ‘are:

1)     Within NCT Rs.2200/-

Outside NCT area Rs.2500/-

Please do not pay any sum other than the above. List of authorized advocates are given at the forth point of right side of this page.


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